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TCF Feeds

Tri-County Horse Feeds

Tri-County proudly offers our own line of premium horse feed, specifically developed to benefit the equine industry of the Northern Piedmont region.

Tri-County believes that customers expect and deserve exceptional quality and service at a fair price. We know that the loyalty of our customers must be earned every day. We also believe that companies should reinvest in the communities from which they earn their livelihood and we proudly support local events and community efforts throughout the region.

Nutritional Information

Proper nutrition is critical to the well-being of your animals. Tri-County provides the feeds, supplements and treats your horses, pets and livestock need. From newborns to seniors, healthy to special needs, Tri-County has all of the quality products necessary to meet your animals' nutritional requirements.

Produced by Cargill Animal Nutrition


Because we care about your horse's safety as much as you do all Cargill mills are HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) certified. This is above and beyond regulations required by the FDA for the feed industry.

HACCP requires a rigorous process of certification; plants are constantly audited internally and by third party auditors to keep with standards. All Tri-County horse feeds are manufactured in a Cargill HACCP certified mill in Lebanon PA. This mill is also ionophore free to ensure the highest feed safety standard in the industry.

  Crude Protein (min) Crude Fat (min) Crude Fiber (max) Vitamin E (min) Biotin (min) NSC* (min) Performance Horses** Maintenance Horses Stallions Broodmares Growing Horses
TCF HyFybe Plus Textured 11.0% 10.0% 17.0% 726 IU/lb .418 mg/lb ~16.7% X X X   X
TCF Senior 14.0% 10.0% 15.0% 488 IU/lb .572 mg/lb 16.7% X X X X X

Produced by McCauley Bros

TCF Feeds

Fully-fortified and manufactured in an equine-only feed mill, Tri-County's line of feeds are designed for all ages and disciplines of horses. From foals to seniors, healthy to special nutritional needs, our feed will meet your horse's nutritional requirements.

Features of all Tri-County Horse Feeds:

  • Fully fortified using inorganic and organic (chelated) mineral sources
  • Contains yeast culture and flaxseed
  • Fixed formulas
  • Highest quality ingrediants available
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Feeds formulated for all ages and classes of horses

  Crude Protein (min) Crude Fat (min) Crude Fiber (max) Vitamin E (min) NSC* (min) Performance Horses** Maintenance Horses Stallions Broodmares Growing Horses
TCF 10-8 Textured 10.0% 8.0% 10.0% 125 IU/lb ~40% X X X    
TCF 10-6 Pellet 10.0% 6.0% 20.0% 150 IU/lb ~20% X X X    
TCF Legacy 13 Cube 13.0% 3.0% 10.0% 100 IU/lb ~37% X X X X X
TCF Low Carb Treats 11.0% 6.0% 20.0% 100 IU/lb 10% X X X X X
* Based on typical values of starch plus water soluable carbohydrates in the ingredients
** Dressage, hunters, jumpers, polo, race horses, etc.